<b>An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soil by Using Granulated Blast Furnace Slag</b> Many of the areas in India contains clayey soil, for these soils Geotechnical properties are a week, which affects the stability of the soil. As Ground granulated blast furnace slag contains in this study, we received the Ground granulated blast furnace slag from steel plant waste mixing with clayey soil to enhance geotechnical properties and make it more suitable for use. In this effect of stabilized soil and change in geotechnical properties. Treatment of clayey soil using with GGBS is very simple, economical and pollution control. Ground granulated blast furnace slag GGBS and this material are obtained from the blast furnace of cement plant, which is the by product of iron from ACC plant, Sindri . It is generally obtained in three shaped one is air cooled, foamed shaped and another is in granulated shaped. The use of by product materials for stabilization has environmental and economic benefits. Ground granulated blast furnace slag GGBS material is used in the current work to stabilize soil clay . Ground granulated blast furnace slag which can be used as a stabilizer. GGBS were mixed in clayey soil in different proportions and various geotechnical characteristics are investigated through Unconfined Compression Test, Compaction Test, CBR test results show that addition of Ground Granulated blast furnace slag has a significant effect in geotechnical Characteristics of clayey soil. 655-658 Issue-5 Volume-3 B. Ramesh | P. Hima Bindu