<b>Multi Criteria Decision Making Methodology on Selection of a Student for All Round Excellent Award</b> Selecting a student for all round excellent award is based on a complex, elaborate combination of abilities and skills. A multi criteria Decision Making method, AHP is used to help in making decision consistently by doing a pairwise comparison matrix process between criteria based on selected alternatives and determining the priority order of criteria and alternatives used. The results of these calculations are used to determine the outstanding student receiving a scholarship based on the final results of the AHP method calculation. The results demonstrated that the student ranking is more likely influenced by the relative importance of management, leadership and motivation by sub criteria, education, cooperation, innovation, disciplinary, attendance, knowledge, sports activity, social activity and awards. Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP Multi Criteria Decision Making MCDM Pair wise Comparison Matrix Consistency Ratio CR Normalization 711-717 Issue-5 Volume-3 Kyi Kyi Mynit