<b>Nutritive Evaluation, Mineral Composition and Phytochemical Analysis of Leaf Protein Concentrates of Daucus carota</b> Fresh green leaves of Daucus Carota was harvested and processed with a view to analyse its photochemical constituents and nutritional potentials. Proximate analysis, mineral analysis and phytochemical analysis was determining using standard analytical techniques. The nutrient composition of the leaf protein concentrate revealed Moisture content 8.69±0.03 g 100g, crude protein 18.38±0.08 g 100g, crude fibre 14.81±0.02 g 100g, crude fat 5.69±0.23 g 100g, Ash 19.69±0.02g 100g , and NFE 32.74±0.43 g 100g.The mineral analysis of the sample shows the concentrations of the elements in the following descending order of magnitude Ca P Mg Na Fe K Zn Cu Mn Se while Hg was not detected in the sample. The photochemical constituents also revealed Tanin 3.66±0.16 mg 100g, Saponin 4.34±0.06 mg 100g, Alkaloid 10.49±0.02 mg 100g, Oxalate 6.89±0.04 mg 100g, Phytate 14.62±0.05 mg 100g, Phenolics 3.75±0.82 mg 100g, Flavonoids 3.62±0.43 mg 100g. High Concentration of Calcium and Phosphorus indicates that Daucus carota leaf protein concentrates is fit for consumption by children, pregnant women and weaned infants for good teeth and bone formation. The constituents of Daucus carota leaf protein concentrates present values of significant nutritional benefits and can find application in various food additives, binders, flavonoids and vitamins. It could also be used as additives in some drugs if the active compounds present in it could be analysed to detect its suitability. Daucus carota, Phytochemicals, Leaf Protein concentrates. Proximate analysis, Mineral composition 767-772 Issue-5 Volume-3 Sodamade, A. | Raimi, S. M. | Owonikoko, A. D. | Adebimpe, A. T.