<b>A Clinical Study on Vrisha Gritha Aschyothana and Paana in the Management of Prathamapatalagata Timira</b> Forty diagnosed cases of Prathama Patalagata Timira Simple myopia were and registered for clinical study irrespective of gender, socioeconomic status and religion with an aim to know the efficacy of Vrisha Gritha Aschyothana topical eye drops and Paana internal medication . The study was open labeled single arm clinical study, managed with Aschyothana for 7 days and Paana for 60 days. To present the study in a scientific manner criteria’s were made Avyaktha Darshana Poor vision for distance , Auto Refractometry, Visual efficiency by Snellen’s chart for assessment and statically evaluation. Obtained results were found to be significantly effective. Parthamapatalagata timira, Vrisha Gritha, simple myopia, vasa panchanga 703-706 Issue-5 Volume-3 P Chandana | Bhat Gururaj Anil | M J Ashwini