<b>Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff Base from Aromatic Amine and Aromatic P Nitro Benzaldehyde</b> The synthesis of Schiff base From Aromatic Amine And Aromatic P Nitro benzaldehyde was performed by a novel method of stirring followed by the addition of p nitro benzaldehydeandm nitro aniline 0.02M . Characterization of the synthesized compounds, determination of purity and identity of the compounds using following spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques Solubility, Thin Layer Chromatographic studies, Ultra Violet studied rotational and vibrational studies FT IR studies. The compounds were investigated for their Antimicrobial activity by cup plate method. Compound1 nitro 4 1 imino,4 nitrophenyl benzene was found to be the most active according to pharmacological evaluation exhibited antimicrobial. Schiff base, p nitrobenzaldehyde, antimicrobial activity 631-634 Issue-5 Volume-3 Ms. Chetana D. Patil | Mr. Digamber N. Bhosale | Ms. Smita P. Bedis