<b>An Empirical Study on Underwriting Risk of Insurance Companies in Bangladesh</b> The objective of this study is to give a clear overview of the insurance companies operated in the Bangladesh. This study aims to find the determinants of the underwriting risk of the insurance companies in Bangladesh. Further it extends the study to determine the decision and risk taking ability of the insurance companies in the Bangladeshi context. The sample used in this study has taken from the Bangladeshi insurance company incorporated under the Bangladeshi insurance act for the time frame between 2013 and 2017. Using SPSS statistical software the multiple linear regression analysis has been done. Empirical result shows that underwriting risk is related to the different factors such as firm size, capital level, GDP, liquid asset and return on asset. The limitation of this study was the lack of availability of the data and sample is limited to Bangladeshi insurance company. Underwriting Risk, Insurance Company, Multiple Linear Regression, Firm Size 552-557 Issue-5 Volume-3 Mohammad Imtiaz Alam