<b>A Research Article on Synthesis of Metal Nano Particles by Chemical Reduction Method</b> Nanotechnology is an experimental and engineering technology manipulate at the nanoscale, such as in the field of different compound fabric synthesizing, food processing agriculture processing and as well as in medicinal application. Due to their physical and chemical applications the metal nanoparticles have a great interest in research. A variety of physical, chemical and biological method that can be used for the synthesis of the metal nanoparticle. All the methods have positive advantages as well as some obstruction. In this following review we try to explain recent research on the synthesis and various application of metal nanoparticle. We summarized the different chemical reduction method and briefly explain their application. Metal nanoparticle, chemical reduction method, susceptibility 596-599 Issue-5 Volume-3 Vijay Aithekar | Dr. Sangeeta Gautam