<b>On Comparative Literature</b> Comparison is a common technique we go through in our everyday life. It is rather a human psychology. Even each animal looks with this vision. But more specifically, human being is much more developed cerebrally than others. CL actually exists upon the two traditions, called Little tradition and Great Tradition. It is such a tool by virtue of which we can enrich our National Literature and hence this kind of literature is named as Universal literature, Global Literature or Welt literature. Intellectuals like Tagore name this Visva Sahitya with a greater goal. Attempts have been made to bring out the methods, doctrines and perspectives of American, British, French, German, Japanese and other countries across the globe. What is Comparative literature, what are its objectives and the modus operandi all these things are well discussed here. Comparative Literature CL , Great and Little Tradition, National Literature, Welt Literature, Visva Sahitya, Universal Literature. 349-357 Issue-6 Volume-1 Santosh Kumar Nayak