<b>Study on Distress Patterns, Causes and Maintenance of Flexible Pavement for Selected Portions</b> This paper presents the study on flexible pavement distresses and repair techniques in two selected road portions. It is very important to know the flexible pavement distresses and its patterns. Pavement deterioration is serious problem for road and traffic highway sector in Myanmar. Tada U Airport road 6 0 to 8 0 mile and Paleik Tada U road 0 0 to 7 0 mile portions are chosen in this study. The failure patterns are classified depending upon the visual investigation along the study areas and identify the failure patterns of the two selected road portions. Map cracking, depression, corrugation, rutting, longitudinal cracking, pothole, edge failure, crocodile cracking, delamination, raveling and bleeding are found in the selected road portions. Along the selected portions, the pavements are damaged by the effects of weather, organic growth, traffic wear and damages as well as deterioration due to aging, excessive traffic loading of heavy trucks, insufficient pavement thickness, material failure, design faults and construction faults. The required overlay thickness is calculated by using India Road Congress IRC formula. After calculated, Tada U Airport road requires overlay thickness of 6 inches and Paleik Tada U road requires overlay thickness of 5 inches. pavement, distresses, visual inspection, IRC, Investigation 39-44 Issue-5 Volume-3 Nyein Nyein Thant | Soe Soe War