<b>Anti Inflammatory Activity of Ormosia Calavensis Azola Bahai Leaf Extract</b> This study determined the anti inflammatory activity of Ormosia calavensis azola Bahai leaf extract. The physical properties test shows that the plant extract is acidic, less dense in water and polar. The alkaloids, flavonoids, leucoanthocyanin, saponin, tannin and terpenoids were positive in Bahai leaf extract. Application of the three treatments shows the following results the negative control rapidly increases the thickness of paw with reddish color of inflammation after treated with carrageenan. Both the positive control and the plant extract had significant reduction effect on the inflammation. These results implied that Bahai leaf extract is an effective anti inflammatory substitute. The researcher recommends the following perform further study of the compounds structure present in the Bahai plant perform further study of anti inflammatory using the positive control indomethacin perform further study using other Bahai plant parts like rots and bark perform further study of plant extract in other uses such as high blood pressure, dysentery and etc. anti inflammatory activity, Ormosia calavensis azola Bahai 1687-1690 Issue-4 Volume-3 Jellian B. Pedong | Melinda C. Getalado