<b>Power Flow Control in Power System using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor TCSC </b> In modern times, due to the increasing demand for energy as the transmission network expands, the transmission line must operate under a loaded condition and there is a risk of current drain control and voltage instability. This document proposes the control of energy in a network of power supply systems by including TCSC and SVC devices. The TCSC is a series compensated device to reduce the reactance of the transmission line to improve the current through it, while the SVC is a bypass compensated device and improves the voltage profile. This article presents a systematic procedure for modeling and simulation with MATLAB SIMULINK set of blockers for the Simpower system . The optimal location of the TCSC and SVC device is considered for the control of the power flow and the voltage stability limit. The proposed approach is implemented in an 11 state test system model of four two state machines and the simulated result is presented to validate the proposed test case system. In this paper performance of TCSC and SVC, the device is analyzed and compared with the simulated result for better control of the power flow in the power system. FACTS devices TCSC, SVC , Two area 11 bus test system model, MATLAB SIMULINK, Modelling of SVC and TCSC 8-13 Issue-5 Volume-3 Mr. Gautam Shah | Mr. Durgesh Vishwakarma