<b>Mobile CMOS Image Sensor Test System through Image Processing Technique</b> These days, with the rise in technology, the image sensing used to play an important role. The image sensing capability plays an important role in the safety and security of the people. The image sensors in the automobiles have resulted in increasing the safety of the drivers and passengers of the vehicle. It also has been found very useful in the locking system, as the image has been scanned first, and the image sensing capabilities have made it possible to authenticate the identity of the person. The advancement in the robotics wasn t been possible if there won’t be the enhancement in the image sensing capabilities. Therefore, the important role has been played by the image sensing in various applications of daily life. This paper reviews the past researches for the CMOS image sensing. As in image sensing, the image processing has to be done, therefore, in this paper, the Huffman Coding has been implemented for the image processing i.e. for compression and decompression. In the results, it has been found that the image compression has taken place in such a way so that there is less degradation in the quality of the image. The validation of the results have been done and they are found to be true to the objectives. CMOS image sensor, CCD, Test System, Image Processing, Image Sensing. 1-7 Issue-5 Volume-3 Rajesh Kumar | Gargi Kalia