<b>Market Factors Affecting the Operations of Lechon Manok Enterprise in Selected Towns in Northern Samar, Philippines</b> This study investigated the market factors affecting the operations of lechon manok enterprise in selected towns in Northern Samar. Results revealed that the main contributory factors affecting the operation of lechon manok is currency crises, sluggish economic growth, natural calamities, and diminishing number of customers. On the other hand, building a strong relationship with clients, no supply of chicken, frequency of buyers, lack of advertisement are the foremost problems that are encountered by the lechon manok operators.With this, the researchers recommend that lechon manok operators should consider all the market factors affecting the operation of the lechon manok business, and use strategies to adjust with the factors that will help to sustain a better profitability of the business. Consumers should be meticulous enough in choosing and buying a lechon manok in an accredited lechon manok enterprise, for their own safety consumption. Government regulatory authorities should be consistent in supervising the different lechon manok enterprise in town, to secure that all operators are following the standard policies or guidelines used in the business. It is viable that the future investors should have enough capital in starting a lechon manok business. Studies that will involve other respondents in other towns may be conducted to provide further information on the market factors affecting the operations of lechon manok enterprises. operation, factors, enterprise, lechon manok 1429-1433 Issue-4 Volume-3 Jayboy B. Rollo | Kevin Tan | Eunice L. Lluz