<b>Health Informatics for Maternal Health in South 24 Paraganas District, West Bengal</b> In West Bengal rural area ranks very low in terms of maternal health indicators mainly due to lack of utilization of maternal care services. Based on an extensive literature review and supported by fieldwork, we contend that maternal health conditions in West Bengal could be improved if health education is disseminated among women. Health Informatics tools, such as mobile phones, could be used for channelizing health education and initiate positive changes. Mobile phones and information share have the ability to assist people anywhere, at any time, and that too at lower cost. Hence, the main objective of this paper is to explore the role of mobile phones as health informatics tool for improving maternal health conditions in South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal. The findings reiterate that there is lack of information available to women on maternal health so they have to rely on their immediate family members for suggestions and advice. Service providers also acknowledged the essential role of maternal health education to improve maternal health status and agreed that it could be more effective if generated through media tools, such as, mobile phones. Maternal Health, Health Information, Health Services, Education, Mobile Health, Telemedicine, Wireless Telemedicine, Village Anganwadi Center. 178-184 Issue-2 Volume-1 Gita Sarkar