<b>Phytochemical Profiling and Fluorescence Analysis of Aerial Parts of Vitis vinefera for Modern Health Care Systems</b> In the modern health care system, phytochemical rich plants have widespread applications. Since the ancient times, V.vinefera has been extensively used in various ayurvedic preparations due to presense of different bioactive compounds. However, its phyto contituents shows variation on basis of variety and different parts of plant .The aim of this research is to study the phytochemical profiling and florescence analysis of aerial parts by use of distinct varieties of Vitis vinefera. Healthy aerial parts leaf lamina, stem and petiole of different black and white varieties of Vitis vinefera were randomly collected. Organic and aqueous extracts were prepared by soaking the shade dried powder 10 of each part into 70 ethanol and sterile distill water separately. Phytochemical profiling and fluorescent analysis was carried out by use of reported methods with few modifications .Experimental evaluation showed high abundance of various bioactive phytochemicals in both organic as well as aqueous extracts. It was revealed that organic extracts of both varieties gave best results for some polyphenolic groups like flavonoids, ellagic acid, tannins as well as other groups like glycosides, alkaloids, diterpenes, coumarins, fats and oils,etc. .Only the test for anthocyanin was found to be negative in white variety. It was found that carbohydrates and reducing sugar, proteins and amino acids, saponins as well as tannins has given comparatively good results in aqueous extract. Findings of the fluorescence analysis demonstrated that powdered plant parts treated with different solvents and reagents has shown specific shades of green, brown, pink, black and yellow colour in visible and ultraviolet light. Whereas, some samples showed white, yellow and green fluorescence under short UV light 254 nm and long UV light 365 nm .Therefore, based on the outcome of this study, it can be concluded that almost all the aerial parts of V.vinefera are rich natural source of various bioactive phytochemicals with clinically proved therapeutic potential. Further investigation for isolation, characterization and purification of such phyto constituents from these cost effective natural sources may become basis for their promising application in the modern health care systems Vitis vinefera , Chronic diseases Phytochemicals, Fluorescence, Bioactive , Aerial parts, Therapeutic agent 262-270 Issue-6 Volume-1 Anita V. Handore | Sharad. R. Khandelwal