<b>Simulation of Process Scheduling Algorithms</b> In a multiprogramming system, multiple processes exist concurrently in main memory. Each process alternates between using a processor and waiting for some event to occur, such as the completion of an I O operation. The processor or processors are kept busy by executing one process while the others wait. The key to multiprogramming is scheduling. CPU scheduling deals with the problem of deciding which of the processes in the ready queue is to be allocated the CPU. By switching the CPU among processor the operating system can make the computer more productive. Scheduling affectes the performance of the system because it determines which processes will wait and which will progress. In this paper, simulation of various scheduling algorithm First Come First Served FCFS , Round Robin RR , Shortest Process Next SPN and Shortest Remaining Time SRT is done over C Simulation, Scheduling algorithm, Multiprogramming, I O operation 1629-1632 Issue-4 Volume-3 Daw Khin Po