<b>Chatbot for Railway using Diloug Flow</b> Chatbot is a program or a virtual person who can speak effectively to the human beings using Artificial intelligent and using interactive skills. Today the main challenge of the chatbot is to which will look like human brain with all knowledge. Now a days there are many chatbot related to cloud based which helps for improvement and development mainly like IBM Watson, Amazon lex etc., 6 Chatbot are become more famous as it reduce the customer service jobs and also client burden with handling multiple users at a time. As it want to perform multiple task in same process, we need to make chatbot as efficient as possible. To address this problem, here we are providing some different design of a chatbot which will provide an exact replies to the query based on the dataset of FAQs using Dialog Flow. 5 Here we used railway related information such as source and destinations timings and also seat availability etc. Dialog Flow, Chatbot, Railways 1618-1620 Issue-4 Volume-3 Satyanarayana | Rajesh Budihal