<b>Analogy of Some Physicomechanical Properties for Rubber Cement</b> The research is aimed to characterize and apply the rubber cement. The physicomechanical properties of rubber cement such as tensile strength, elongation at break, waste uptake and compression percent were determined by standard rubber testing. Tensile strength of 28 to 32 kg cm2, elongation at break of 580 to 630 , water uptake 24 hours of 8 to 10 and compression percent of 80 to 85 were obtained. Determination of swelling parameters of rubber cements was carried out with respect to selected oil gasoline . The manufacture of products from recycled materials has technologic, economic, and environmental advantages that have become attractive in recent years. The ever increasing amount of waste rubber from disposal of used tires has grown into a serious environmental problem around the world. rubber cement swelling tensile strength elongation compression percent 1457-1460 Issue-4 Volume-3 Dr. Htoon Nay Oo