<b>Text Extraction from Image using Python</b> With so much of our lives computerized, it is vitally important that machines and humans can understand one another and pass information back and forth. Mostly computers have things their way we have to and talk to them through relatively crude devices such as keyboards and mice so they can figure out what we want them to do. However, when it comes to processing more human kinds of information, like an old fashioned printed book or a letter scribbled with a fountain pen, computers have to work much harder. That is where optical character recognition OCR comes in. Here we process the image, where we apply various pre processing techniques like desk wing, binarization etc. and algorithms like Tesseract to recognize the characters and give us the final document. Open CV Python Image Processing Text Extraction Image threshold Virtual Image. 310-317 Issue-6 Volume-1 T.Gnana Prakash | K. Anusha