<b>Job Rotation for Optimal Performance of Employees in the Organizations</b> Job rotation is a human resource practice by which where an employee is rotated on different job functions in the organization enhance his practical knowledge, skills and expertise in his professional job. Job rotation is a process through a employee rotated at the various positions in the organization to enhance thee functional expertise of the employees in all areas of the organization.The research study is focused on to analyze the effect of Job Rotation on employees’ performance in private organizations. The survey technique is used for the collection of data gathered from 100 employees including males and females working in 5 private organizations in Pakistan. Hence, SPSS is used to analyze the effect of job rotation on performance of employees at all levels of Management and data is analyzed by using Descriptive analysis. The research findings has mentioned that job rotation does effect on the performance of employees in the organizations. Job rotation positively influences on employees’ performance by improving their skills, expertise in the various functional areas of the management of the organization and develop enough diversity in the career development of the employee. Job rotation, job skills, job expertise, employees performance, career development 151-156 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. Sirajul Haq