<b>Transactional Leadership and its Impact on the Organizational Performance A Critical Analysis</b> Leadership in the organization is considered as vital factor in the success of failure of organization. It is describing as the combination of traits, skills and behavior adopted by the leaders to lead the employees in the organization. It further helps the organization to achieve organizational goals and make ensure that employees are being provided needed resources to get the job done. The organizational performance of any organization is very much dependent upon the Leadership of the organization. The leadership style is driving force for enhancing the performance of the organization because the leader is key decision maker in determining, acquiring and deployment of resource in the organization in a proper manner.The research study is focused on to analyze impact of the i.e Transactional Leadership on the performance of the organization. The study is based on secondary source of data and qualitative approach is adopted for conducting the critical perspectives. The study has applied goal approach method to analyze the impact of transactional leadership on the performance of organization.The study has mentioned the areas within the organization, where transactional leadership according to their characteristics can have impact on the organizational performance of the organization. Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Organizational goals, Organizational Performance 135-139 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. Sirajul Haq | Dr. Javed Ahmed Chandio