<b>Dogra Rule State of Jammu And Kashmir 1846 1952 </b> The occupation of Kashmir by Gulab Singh on 1846, was a landmark in the socio religious and cultural history. As for the first time the state of Jammu and Kashmir is having its own identity provided by the treaty of Amritsar. But the intervention of foreign elements as British proved very harmful for Kashmiris. Nodoubt different developmental measures were taken, but actually they were taken to fulfill their own pockets. Kashmir as such was very rich in resources but every time were exploited by them for their personal benefits. Harsh taxation policy resulted in the migration of artisans towards other areas. Each and every industry was at first instance patronized but later on was put under the burden of illegal taxes. The revenue earned activities of arts and crafts for which Kashmir valley was famous were completely ruined. Skilled section cut their fingers and thumbs in order to have disability . Whatever was earned was taken forcibly and were left with the mercy of God. People raised their voice against the atrocities of Dogras that resulted in mascare of innocents. Occupation, Illiteracy, Harsh Taxation, Illegalities 123-127 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi