<b>Improved and Modified DEEC Protocol for Energy Efficient Clustering in WSN’s </b> In this work, we propose M DEEC Modified Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering protocol, a new variant of DEEC for WSN’s. We propose this M DEEC for three different segregation for the nodes to elongate the stability and lifetime of the network. Hence, it increases the heterogeneity and energy level of the network. Our proposed M DEEC scheme is based on DEEC with the extension of new types of nodes named super nodes. We have extended the DEEC to three level heterogeneity. These super nodes have more energy than normal and advanced nodes and respective probabilities. Different simulation for the various values of a, b, m and mo has been carried out. For all the combination the proposed M DEEC outperforms other protocol, as well as classical DEEC. Clustering, Energy Efficient Routing, WSN, DEEC, M DEEC. 206-216 Issue-6 Volume-1 Amee Vishwakarma | Papiya Dutta