<b>A Shift in Emphasis in Performance Appraisals </b> Much literature has pointed to the problems with performance appraisals, which has led some commentators to call for abolition of the process or a renewed focus on the core elements of performance appraisal. For example, Coens and Jenkins based on their experience in North America recommended ‘abolishing performance appraisals’ 2000 1, citing regular failings in development planning, objective setting and 360 degree feedback. They advocate instead broader performance management approaches focused on customer outcomes and decoupling the complex mix of processes often tied up inside performance appraisal. They cite a Police Department in Madison, Wisconsin which replaced traditional appraisals with a system of individual goal setting, leadership training and employee involvement that let officers choose who they wanted to work with and who supervised them. A US Department of Justice comparative study found that Madison had the highest levels of citizen satisfaction following the changes. 128-129 Issue-6 Volume-1 Somnath Sanka