<b>Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude on Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever to the Common People in the Community Set Up in Delhi</b> An educational study was conducted to find out the effectiveness and attitude of community people regarding dengue fever. An estimated 500 000 people with severe dengue require hospitalization each year, a large proportion of whom are children. About 2.5 of those affected die. This study was done to assess the knowledge of community people on dengue fever, to administer a pamphlet on dengue fever and to evaluate the effectiveness of pamphlet on Dengue fever among the community People. Evaluative research approach and one group pre test post test design was adopted to find out the effectiveness of health education on dengue fever among dengue fever. This study was conducted in community area of Village Madangir, New Delhi. The total sample comprises of 50 people. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the samples. Data was collected through structured questionnaire. Pamphlet was developed and distributed to enhance the knowledge of community people on dengue fever. Data was analyzed and interpreted using descriptive statistics. Pre test and post test knowledge score was 11.44 and 18.82 respectively. The mean difference for knowledge was7.38 and for attitude was 0.96.The standard deviation for knowledge pretest and posttest score were 2.04 and 0.95 and for attitude it was 1.26 and 0.83 respectively. Planned Teaching Programme, Dengue Fever, Knowledge and Attitude, Prevention and Control, Effectiveness 1251-1258 Issue-5 Volume-1 Rashmi Negi | Shweta Handa