<b>Factors Affecting Self Reported Physical Disability Among Middle Aged Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis</b> Introduction Identifying potential factors influencing the disability in patients with knee osteoarthritis is paramount for rehabilitation.Objectives To determine the factors that contribute to the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.Methods Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score questionnaire KOOS was used to assess the physical disability.one hundred and twenty four patients age range 50–65 years were randomized to therapeutic exercise n =62 and conventional group n = 62 . Results The results of regression analysis revealed that age and BMI factors play a role in knee osteoarthritis.Conclusion The present study highlights the various factors that influence physical disability and thereby demonstrates to clinical researchers and practitioners that understanding and improving the quality of patient’s well being goes beyond simply treating the underlying clinical condition. Osteoarthritis, Quality of life, Exercises,Obesity 136-143 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. Beulah Jebakani | Dr. Vijayaraghavan | Mrs. Megala Devi