<b>A Comparative Study on Consumer’S Behaviour towards Organized and Unorganized Retailing in Central Chennai</b> Retailing consists of all activities involved in selling goods and services to consumers for their personal, family, or household use. It covers sales of goods ranging from automobiles to apparel and food products, and services ranging from hair cutting to air travel and computer education retailing is one of the largest sectors in the global economy. In India for a long time the corner grocery store was the only choice available to the consumers with the increasing demand of the customers spurred by changing trends, aspiring needs for variety, the traditional retail gave rise to modern retail format. The traditional food and grocery segment has seen the emergence of supermarkets grocery chains, convenience stores and hypermarkets. At present India is rapidly evolving in to an existing and Competitive market place with potential target consumers in both the rich and middle class segments. Manufacturer owned and retail chain stores are springing up in urban area to market consumer’s goods in a style similar to that of mall in more affluent countries. Even though big retail chain like Crossroad, Saga and Shopper’s stop are concentrating on the upper segment and selling products at higher prices, some like A.V Birla Retails. More, RPG’s Spencer’s, Food World and Big Bazaars are tapping the huge middle class population. During the past two years, there has been tremendous amount of Interest in the Indian retail trade from global majors as well as over the years. An attempt is made in this article for now the consumer buying behaviour towards organized and unorganized retail outlets. Retailing, Organized Retailing, Unorganized Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Industry Formats. 1240-1250 Issue-5 Volume-1 D.Manimegalai | L.Saeeswari | S.Rathika | S.Ajitha | S.Sathiya Naveena