<b>A Survey on Ethnoveterinary Medicines used by the Tribal Peoples of Kalasapadi Hills, Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu</b> Objective This study aims at providing a comprehensive documentation on ethanoveterinary plant knowledge of the tribal people in order to preserve the fost eroding knowledge and resources of the kalasapadi hills, Pappireddipatti revenue Tk, Dharmapuri.Methods Field work was conducted from 2015–2016. Moreover 36 informants were interviewed. First, successive oral free listing and semi structured interviews were performed. The veterinary diseases as described by the informants were categorized according to the symptoms they cause and the organs they affect. Information on the cited plants, informant consensus factor ICF and fidelity level FL was calculated based on use reports.Results Utilization of 49 plant species, belonging to 30 genera under 31 families, has been recorded against livestock ailments. Plant parts, such as leaf, root, flower, bark, resin, and rhizome, are used in the preparation. Among the plant parts, bark is predominately used. Most of the preparations include parts of more than one plant as the ingredients, and many of such combined preparations are used for treating more than one ailment.Conclusion According to the local people, the most often mentioned species have high medicinal potential. At the same time the comprehensive pharmacological investigations of the herbal plants will be helpful in development of new drugs for a particular condition. There is a need to conserve the knowledge of medicinal plant use in the Kalasapadi hills for future generations and to incorporate it into existing livestock health care services. Ethno veterinary medicine, Malayali tribes, Livestock, Kalasapadi, Kalrayan hills. 1181-1196 Issue-5 Volume-1 Rajesh P | Meenakshi R | Rajkumar R | Selvam K