<b>Pharmacognostical study of monocot medicinal herb kyllinga triceps rottb</b> Kyllinga triceps in a small tufted herb upto 12in. high with a short rhizome and linear leaves, one half or nearly as long as the stem, found in forest of Gwalior Chambal region. The plant is considered as diuretic, hepato protective, anti diabetic in Ayurvedic literatures plant is known as musta. It Cures kapha and pitta disorders in the present work detailed information related to pharmacognosy of kyllinga triceps rottb. Cyperaceae have been carried out, which would help investigators in identification of the plant. Pharmacognosy, kyllinga triceps, musta, Ayurveda cyperaceous 1034-1047 Issue-5 Volume-1 Amit Upadhyay | Dr. Suman Jain