<b>Determination of Drying Constants of Some Selected Roots and Tubers</b> In an attempt to easily determine the desired moisture content at any time t , of selected freshly harvested roots and tubers yellow cassava, carrot, cocoyam and yam of economic importance subjected to drying under unsteady temperature conditions such as sun drying, especially in the rural areas where there is no electricity or funds availability to acquire suitable drying equipment by local farmers the drying constants based on established model that is anchored on mass of the material at any time t was carried out. In this study, three mass classifications, namely small, medium and large were prepared for each material and subjected to oven drying at a given temperature till bone dry mass. The experimental values obtained were computed and graphs plotted to obtain the slopes as drying constants of values 0.3114, 0.1092, 0.3736 and 0.3790 for bulk samples of yellow cassava, carrot, cocoyam and yam respectively. Yellow cassava, Carrot, Cocoyam, Yam, Drying constants 717-722 Issue-4 Volume-3 Orua Antia | Innocent Oboh | William Olosunde