<b>A Study on Housing Loan Evolution and Performance in India</b> Housing being one of the three fundamental needs of life dependably stays in the top needs of any individual, society and economy. As a person, an individual needs his own space and protection, which can be given by the responsibility for house. The house is the fundamental unit of the general public. Home gives a stage to the family and the family is the most significant social establishment, which leaves its engraving on a person for entire life. In this way lodging merits critical consideration with regards to creating approaches and systems for human advancement. Yet at the same time most of human people lives in ghettos, shanties and transitory pitiful havens in provincial zones. The lack of lodging is a major obstacle in the sound improvement of an individual and therefore the general public, and the country. The issue of room, protection, security and sanitation prompts social, financial and natural degeneration. The unending hardship for space and house possession prompts individual and social complication, which is impeding for the general public and the economy. A creating country like India needs to concentrate more on lodging area to take into account the lodging needs of expanding populace and to quicken the monetary development. The lodging part has been all inclusive utilized as a motor to drive the financial development as it produces work and request in the market. Most recent multi decade has seen the specialists giving huge spotlight on the lodging division in India. housing finance, market and impediment 702-706 Issue-4 Volume-3 Prof. Rekha. D. M | Gangamma. S. E