<b>Effects of Demonetization on Digital Marketing and E Payment Gateway</b> Demonetization is the demonstration of stripping a cash unit of its status as legitimate delicate. It happens at whatever point there is a difference in national cash The present structure or types of cash is pulled from course and resigned, regularly to be supplanted with new notes or coins. Now and again, a nation totally replaces the old cash with new money. Evacuating the legitimate delicate status of a unit of cash is an extreme mediation into an economy since it straightforwardly impacts the vehicle of trade utilized in every single financial exchange. It can help settle existing issues, or it can cause bedlam in an economy, particularly whenever attempted abruptly or all of a sudden. All things considered, demonetization is attempted by countries for various reasons. Demonetization alludes to Withdrawal of a specific type of cash from dissemination. Demonetization is fundamental at whatever point there is a difference in national money. The old unit of money must be evacuated and substituted with another cash unit. The cash was demonetized first time in 1946 and second time in 1978. On Nov. 2016 the cash is demonetized third time by the present Modi government. This is the strong advance taken by the govt. for the improvement of the economy and nation. In this paper I need to examine the effect of ongoing demonetization on the Indian framework. Online Payment. Payment gateway , Demonetization, Black Money, Counterfeit Currency, Corruption ,Card Payment, Net banking 649-651 Issue-4 Volume-3 Atul Kumar Mishra | Dr. Rajesh Rathore