<b>A Glimpse towards Bitcoin and its Reality Analysis on Mining and Protocol</b> Bitcoin has advanced as the most fruitful cryptographic currency in history. Since its launch in 2009. Bitcoin grew to comprise billions of dollars of economic value. Since then a lot of literature has been identi ed with concealed but vital properties of the system, exposed attacks, proposed promising alternatives, and singled out dif cult future challenges. This paper threw light to many related cryptocurrencies or ‘altcoins’ and enables a more insightful analysis of Bitcoin’s properties. The researcher maps the space for providing analyses for bitcoin mining, bitcoin protocol, and bitcoin value determinations. This paper surveys the anonymity in Bitcoins and provides an insight into the framework for analysing the mining hardware, the calculation of Bitcoin value by reviewing various literatures and websites related to Bitcoins. Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, Mining 992-996 Issue-5 Volume-1 K. Vinitha | Dr. S. Vasantha