<b>Task Environment and Organisational Responsiveness in Nigerian Banks</b> The study examined the effect of organizational responsiveness on environmental challenges, with the core objective of ascertaining the responsiveness of the banks to environmental challenges in Nigeria. The survey study adapted a structured questionnaire to generate data that were analyzed using simple percentages and Pearson correlation analytical tools. Results showed that customers, competitors and suppliers are the major task environmental forces that influence the banks, while planning, forecasting, changing of domain and lobbying are measures through which the banks respond to the challenges of the task environment. The study concludes that all the task environment is a threat to the provision of financial services by banks in Nigeria. The study recommends that bank management should devise strategy that will take advantage of the opportunity and counter threats emanating from the environment, as well as set up mechanism for collecting relevant information and managing the dynamic nature of the environment. Banks, organizational responsiveness, environmental challenges, Organizational performance, Nigeria 456-464 Issue-4 Volume-3 Umelue, Ogochukwu Gloria | Akwaeze, Alex Emeka