<b>Comparative Study on Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Building under Seismic Forces for Different Codal Guidelines</b> Construction is a vital part of every developing country in this era. Every country has specific building design codes which provide the standards to engineers for the design of various structural components like the beam, column, and slab. Analysis and design Reinforcement concrete building of every country is based on their geographical location. Seismic forces are one of the major natural forces causing huge damage to lives and economy. So that one can understand the difference and can appropriate for best guidelines for safety to lives and economy. In today’s world of globalization, an engineer must be efficient enough to understand and handle different codes. In this paper, a comparative study is presented for analysis and design of reinforced concrete building under seismic forces for four codal Guidelines IS 1893 2002, Euro code 8, Japan 2007 and ASCE 7 10 using Staad Pro. The comparative study includes the comparison building base shear, bending moment, shear force, percentage of steel, required area, displacement, and story drift. For seismic Analysis and design, the building elements like beam and column is also compared using these countries RC building code. Seismic analysis, Multi storeyed RC building, IS, Euro code, ASCE, Japan 536-551 Issue-4 Volume-3 Tabish Izhar | Samreen Bano | Neha Mumtaz