<b>A Study of Online Market in Airline A Case Study in Mongolia</b> This study defines customer satisfaction CS of Mongolia with the experience of the online market OM by technology acceptance AT . The factors of CS include ease of use, payment security, interactivity, and the quality of the information on the website. The goal of this study is to examine to what extent these 4 factors affect the satisfaction of passengers in Mongolian Airlines MA . The survey was based on 2 airlines the airline Hunnu, the airline MIAT and the data collected from 98 passengers of those airlines. The results show that there are three essential factors interactivity, the security of payment and ease of use, which affects satisfaction with OM s experience in CS in Mongolia. customer satisfaction, online market, airlines, Mongolia 700-701 Issue-4 Volume-3 Bayanmunkh Nandinchimeg | Ganzorig Munkhjin | Tsevegdorj Battsetseg