<b>Nasal Polyp Nasa Arsha Management Through Ayurveda A Single Case Study</b> Nasal polyp is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting about 1–4 of the general population.1 Nasal polyps are fleshy benign growth that develop in the mucosal lining of the nasal passage and paranasal sinuses. Polyps vary in size and having shining pink colour and shaped like tear drops.2,3 The exact etiology remains unclear but it is known to have associations with allergy, asthma, infection, cystic fibrosis and aspirin sensitivity. The common features of the disease are nasal obstruction, anosmia, rhinorrhoea, post nasal drip and less commonly facial pain.4 In Ayurveda it is closely related to nasa arsha. Nasa arsha is a Kapha vata vyadhi located in Urdhwanga which is a kapha sthan.5 In this study, a single case 55 years old male patient presented with frequent episodes of nasal obstruction, anosmia mouth breathing and sometimes headache since six months was taken for study. An approach was made to treat the patient by sodhana, shamana and sthanika chikitsa with a positive clinical response. Local therapy was the application of Gunja lepa over polyps. This study aimed at introducing a new treatment modality with new formulation. Nasal polyp Nasa arsha Sodhana Shamana Sthanika chikitsa and Gunja lepa 501-504 Issue-4 Volume-3 Dr. Shyam Kumar Sah | Dr. Deeraj BC | Dr. Ashwini MJ