<b>Investment Behavior Among Generational Group</b> Objective Share Market investment is a lively platform to invest in the various industries. The objective of the study is to identify investment behavior of the different age groups and to find out the difference in perception of Investors in the decision of investing on the basis of Gender. This study aims to gain knowledge about key factors that influence investment behavior and ways these factors impact investment risk tolerance and decision making process among men and women and among different age groups. The individuals may be equal in all aspects, may even be living next door, but their financial planning needs are very different. It is by using different age groups along with Gender that synergism between investors can be generated. In this context, demographics alone no longer suffice as the basis of segmentation of individual investors. Hence keeping this in mind, the present study is an attempt to find out Factors which affects individual investment decision and Differences in the perception of Investors in the decision of investing on basis of Age and on the basis of Gender. The study concludes that investor’s age and gender predominantly decides the risk taking capacity of investors.Methodology The study is based on secondary data sources. For the present study, a thorough review of existing empirical literature has been collected from various online databasesand search engines such as SSRNand Google scholar were reviewed and various books on Investor behavior were reviewed from various existing literature, Academiciansand researchers have identified various factors influencing the behavior of an individual investors. Findings The paper identifies the importance given to the age factors influence in the investment sector and how it is plays the major role in the research papers on the investment behavior of the share market.Novelty Application Although various papers have studied the investment behavior among the generational group not many have been able to analyze the antecedents of generational group in depth and study the impact of each on investment decision making of the investor. The paper has attempted to study these in detail. Investment Behavior, Investor, Influence of generational gap 840-846 Issue-5 Volume-1 Angelin S. Kiruba | Dr. S.Vasantha