<b>Oral Administration of Pulverized Wood Charcoal on Growth, Feed Utilization, Survival and Waste Excretion of Red Tilapia Oreochromis Sp </b> A 35 day feeding experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of pulverized wood charcoal PWC on the growth, feed utilization, survival and waste excretion of red tilapia Oreochromis sp. . Ninety red tilapias with an initial weight of 7.32 ± 1.31 g were acclimatized and randomly introduced into 9 aquaria in 3 groups with 10 fish per aquarium. Different levels of PWC 0 T0 , 1 T1 , and 2 T2 were incorporated in the diets of red tilapia for four weeks. After the experiment, average body weight ABW , specific growth rate SGR , relative growth rate RGR weight gain WG , feed conversion ratio FCR and survival rate SR of the experimental fish were computed. No significant differences were observed on feed utilization, survival, and waste excretion of the fish. Furthermore, ABW and WG of the experimental fish did not show any significant difference, however, significantly higher P 0.05 SGR and RGR were observed from T1 compared to the other treatments. Consequently, this study showed that supplementation of 1 PWC in the diet is the most suitable in improving the growth performance of red tilapia. Ammonia, Aquaculture, Feed additive, Growth promotion, Red tilapia 417-421 Issue-4 Volume-3 Jaypee. S. Samson