<b>An Analysis and Study of Iteration Procedures</b> In computational mathematics, an iterative method is a scientific technique that utilizes an underlying speculation to produce a grouping of improving rough answers for a class of issues, where the n th estimate is gotten from the past ones. A particular execution of an iterative method, including the end criteria, is a calculation of the iterative method. An iterative method is called joined if the relating grouping meets for given starting approximations. A scientifically thorough combination investigation of an iterative method is typically performed notwithstanding, heuristic based iterative methods are additionally normal. This Research provides a survey of iteration procedures that have been used to obtain fixed points for maps satisfying a variety of contractive conditions. fixed points, iteration, condition, nonnegative entries etc. 312-314 Issue-4 Volume-3 Dr. R. B. Singh | Shivani Tomar