<b>Employment Guaranteed Act Instrument of Change in the Position of Women, A Case Study of Shopian District in J and K State</b> Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guranteed Act MGNREGA was launched by the government of India to ensure the prosperity of rural people.In district Shopian of J and K, the scheme is at its full swing. The initiative has really boosted the position of women in rural areas. Before it got started their standard of living was beyond the levels of human expectations. The progressive act has opened new ways of social change.Their hidden talent got exposed and now they have their own identity in society as the earned one. Their involvement in the scheme has really shaped the destiny of family, society and nation towards new positive structural ends. But to some extent they have been discouraged by the patriarchal nature of society and have always remained at the receiving end. This is the right time to wakeup, act, adopt and develop the family and society at all levels. Without your participation the target of progress can not be achieved properly. Women Status, Income, Employment, Education, Self Sufficiency 766-769 Issue-5 Volume-1 Dr. Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi