<b>Deep Learning Based Pain Treatment</b> The evolving discipline of computational pain investigation provides modern gears to recognize the pain. This discipline uses Computational processing of difficult pain associated records and relies on “intelligent” Machine learning algorithms. By mining information from difficult pain associated records and generating awareness from this, facts will be simplified. Therefore, machine learning has the capability to encouragement the training and dealing of pain greatly. Indeed, the application of machine learning for pain investigation –associated non imaging problems has been mentioned in publications in scientific journals since 1940 2018. Among machine learning methods, a subset has so far been applied to pain research–related problems, SVMs, regression models, deep learning and several kinds of neural networks so far most often revealed in the pain literature. Machine learning receives increasing general interest and appears to penetrate many parts of everyday life and natural sciences. This affinity is likely to spread to pain investigation. The current review objectives to familiarize pain area professionals with the methods and current applications of machine learning in pain investigation, possibly simplifying the awareness of the methods in current and future assignments. Machine Learning, SVM, Deep Learning, Neural Network, application of Machine Learning 193-211 Issue-4 Volume-3 Tarun Jaiswal | Sushma Jaiswal