<b>Determination of Heavy Metals from River Benue around the Makurdi Metropolis </b> Water sample were collected from river Benue in five different locations River MU A , UAM water works B , Coca Cola Brewery C , River Agaba D and Wildlife Zoo E . All the five sampling stations are located upstream of the river within Makurdi town. Six heavy metals Pb, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu, and Cd were analysed by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry AAS . The concentration of Zn, Mn and Cu fall within the acceptable limit while that of Fe, Cd and Pb were found to be higher than the maximum accepted limit. The order was Fe Pb Cd, with Fe been highest in Coca Cola Pb and Cd were highest in UAM water work. Pollution River Anthropogenic Metropolis. 917-221 Issue-5 Volume-1 Ezekiel Gube Ibrahim | Nathaniel Yakubu | Eneji Ishaq