<b>A Review on “Polycystic Overy Syndrom PCOS ”</b> The polycystic ovary disorder PCOS is characterized as a mix of hyperandrogenism hirsutism and skin break out and anovulation oligomenorrhea, barrenness, and useless uterine seeping , with or without the nearness of polycystic ovaries on ultrasound. It speaks to the primary endocrine issue in the conceptive age, influencing 6 15 of ladies in threats. It is the most widely recognized reason for barrenness because of anovulation, and the primary wellspring of female fruitlessness. At the point when in the pre since of a menstrual issue, the finding of PCOS is come to in 30 40 of patients with essential or auxiliary amenorrhea and in 80 of patients with oligomenorrhea. PCOS ought to be analyzed and treated right off the bat in pre adulthood because of conceptive, metabolic and ontological difficulties which might be related with it. Treatment choices incorporate medications, diet and way of life improvement. For solid youthful couples, the probability of getting pregnancy differs. In 2010, an expected 48.5 million couples worldwide were barren. This paper gives a survey on barrenness causes, examinations, treatment modalities and job of medical attendant birthing specialist in managing fruitless couples. Barrenness a condition of sub richness can be showed either as the failure to wind up pregnant, powerlessness to maintain a pregnancy, and failure to proceed with a pregnancy till term. There are different reasons for female and male fruitlessness. Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS , complication, causes and treatments 60-66 Issue-4 Volume-3 Miss Dipamoni Morang | Pankaj Chasta | Mr. Kaushal K. Chandrul