<b>Innovative Use of Wood and Steel in Concrete</b> This study aims to analyze and compare two types of semi permanent houses that use different materials on the main structure, namely wood material, and steel material. This research is qualitative research with the following stages of research, namely determining the home mouse sample, interviewing people who are considered to have competence in the field of architecture and direct field observation. The results showed that in terms of costs, semi permanent wood houses were relatively cheaper compared to semi permanent steel houses. In terms of the appearance of the building, steel material has more advantages, namely not shrinking so that cracks that occur on the wall due to shrinkage of the material as happened in semi permanent homes of wood can be minimized. In this paper we will discuss Innovative Use of Wood and Steel in Concrete. Wood, Steel, Concrete, Materials, Innovative, Cement, Sand, Building material, Structural engineers, Construction, Ceramic composites, Brick 168-174 Issue-2 Volume-1 Rajan N. V.