<b>Vellore A Hub for Medical Tourism</b> Medical tourism or health tourism is a term initially refers to the act of patient going to different country for either urgent or medical procedure or patient traveling from one place to another for specialized surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. It is perceived as one of the fastest growing and emerged as the most promising industry in most of the countries including India Tamilnadu is one such state which is famous for the Medical Tourism, There are several world class facilities equipped with the latest testing facilities available. One can come to Tamilnadu for a specific treatment or even go for a mental health check up while on holiday. Tamilnadu is famous for the treatment of cardiac care, Transplant, Eye care and cosmetic surgery. Apart form allopathic treatment Tamilnadu is famous for Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, healing and Reiki. Tamilnadu has many famous hospitals like Apollo Hospital at Chennai and Madurai, Madras Medical Mission, Miot Hospitals and Shankara Netralya at Chennai, Arvind Hospitals at Madurai and Coimbatore, PSG Hospital at Coimbatore and CMC Hospital in Vellore. Medical tourism commerce perspective 493-495 Issue-5 Volume-1 N.Md Faiyaz Ahmed