<b>Language in Glocal Cultural Context</b> The Paper tries to unveil the vital actions and counteractions of language and culture upon each other. A language neither can originate nor live without the culture. Language and culture, thus, are inseparable. Language rolls on the concrete passage of time encountering many alike and opposite processes like a culture, de cultures and re culture and gathers moss. Particularly, in post colonial context Odia language encounters some radical changes and reaps new products with respect to words, morphology, prefixes, suffixes and many more things. In post colonial context, we encounter a special kind of language called ‘hybrid language’ or ‘glocal language’. The paper emphasizes the dimensions of language change with a global perspective as well as with local perspectives. Glocal, A culture, De culture, Cross Product, Sinusoidal Function, Hybridity 1272-1278 Issue-3 Volume-3 Dr. Santosh Kumar Nayak