<b>Environment in Water Issue and Management.</b> As human civilization progressed man started altering the natural environment in the pursuit of creating an economic, social and cultural environment of his own choice. This slowly resulted in the depletion of natural resources and degradation of Environment. Further with increased population and urbanization and developmental project have placed a lot of strain on natural resources and also on the environment. Nov, situation is deteriorating so fact especially in the last few decades that environmental issues are posing threat to human health and his very existence. In recent past, numerous environmental problems have become critically significant for mankind to enumerate some like air, water and land pollution, spread of toxic wastes, deforestation, mass extinction of wild life, problems of human settlement. Environment in water issues and their impact is not confined to their source area alone but spills over far and wide. Thus environmental issues are intrinsically global in nature. Environment, Water Issue, Management 510-513 Issue-5 Volume-1 Dr. L.P Parmar