<b>Ayurvedic Medical Destination Selection Criterion Preference of Coimbatore City </b> Primary reasons for the growth of ayurvedic medical tourism in India, is the very effective treatments, faith of the foreigners and domestic patient on the Indian’s age old techniques of treatments. Moreover, numbers of ayurvedic centers are functioning in various Indian states owned by both State Government agencies and the private entrepreneurs, which are world renowned center. This study aim to identify the primary reasons stated by the tourist for selection of Coimbatore for medical tourist. The study declared that Coimbatore is considered as mostly reliable ayurvedic medical tourist destination. The city also offers very cost economic medical tourism center, the doctors and therapists, who are also considered as well trained and knowledgeable. The authors suggested the private ayurvedic medical institutions to pay more attention in promoting Coimbatore as the more reliable hub for ayurvedic treatments, rejuvenation and metal cum physical relaxation. Ayurvedic Treatment, Medical Tourism, Coimbatore 1120-1123 Issue-3 Volume-3 Sr. Kritikaa