<b>WSN Based Temperature Monitoring System for Multiple Locations in Industry</b> Wireless sensor network technology has demonstrated a great potential for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. Speci cally, in process monitoring and control, process data such as pressure, humidity, temperature, ow, level, viscosity, density and vibration intensity measurements can be collected through sensing units and transferred wirelessly to a control system for operation and management. Adopting WSNs for process monitoring and control provides great advantages over traditional wired system. In today’s world we are facing with many di erent types of emergencies in the indoor environment. Response to such emergencies is critical in order to protect resources including human life and also we can save property from damage. This wireless sensor network for Temperature monitoring System which can report the emergency to the users in various forms, such as pop-ups on a Computer screen, SMS on their cell phones and so on. Due to this exibility of reporting low cost wireless sensor network prepared for emergency response system of future. We are going to develop three wireless sensor nodes and we have to place in di erent position in the building using arduino board and we have to inform to the master node or monitoring node about the temperature available at each sensor node. While sending data to each and every sensor is very costly. Hence nodes are connected to WSN and their is only one node called ’Gateway’ which collects the data from all other nodes and sends it to the cloud. Internet of Things, Sensors, Actuators, Hardware-Software 8-11 Issue-4 Volume-3 Aditya Jogdand | Amit Chaudhari | Niranjan Kadu | Udaykumar Shroff